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This is the conceptualization of a solution based on the client’s ideas, the client’s goals, the site conditions and governmental regulations. We view the design process as a journey on which the client is a co-pilot. We welcome the client’s comments, revisiting the concept until we reach a solution that the client approves.


These are a set of drawings which we prepare to detail all facets of your project. The builder uses these to price the project and as a guide during construction of physical manifest. 


We visit the site at regular intervals to make sure that the project is being built in accordance with the construction drawings, that the quality of work conforms to our standards and to answer any queries the builder may have.

These are a set of drawings which we prepare to detail all facets of the project. The builder uses these to price the project and as a guide during construction or physical manifest. The use of these drawings reduces the possibilities of cost overruns and provides a benchmark for the type and quality of construction


We provide comprehensive design and development services across all media platforms.



A LEED Green Associate is an individual who has passed the exam and possesses the knowledge and skill to understand and support green design, construction, and operations. -[LEED® GA Handbook ©May 2010]

We lead the way in energy efficient and environmentally conscious design, offering project design and professional consultation services for clients seeking USGBC's LEED ( US Green Building Council - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, or similar building rating system.

We believe that education in sustainability is key to the success of future design endeavours throughout the region. Join us in leading the way to a better environment and raising the standard for design.

The District of Columbia, the city where Philip O'Neal completed his professional training and certification, is number one, with more than 31 square feet of LEED-certified space per person in 2011. Colorado is the leading state, Virginia has 2.42 square feet per person of LEED-certified space and Maryland has 2.07 square feet per person.


We provide energy audit services which allow home owners, land lords and businesses to quantify their energy use and to save thousands of dollars annually. We offer a dual tiered service; tier 1 employs the latest best management practices which optimize daily energy use; tier 2 uses the help of metering equipment and information collected in tier 1 to measure and rate energy use more effectively.

We also design and propose systems able to harness renewable energies such as solar panels or photo-voltaics and wind turbine systems. Many of our clients now qualify for a variety of energy specific tax returns and rebates after purchasing our services.